Game Modes

  • Rush

    Rush is all about centered around pairs of M-Com objectives. The attacking team has a set number of spawn tickets, and each time a team mate dies this number decreases by one. If the number falls to 0, the defending team wins.

    Each level has 3-5 stages with two M-Com crates. The game starts at the first stage, and if the attacking team can destroy both objectives their spawn tickets get replenished and the map opens up to the next stage. The defending team is given a few seconds to setup a defense before the attacking team can move into the next area. If all areas are taken the attacking team wins.

  • Squad Deathmatch

    Squad Deathmatch is a brand new multiplayer mode in the Bad Company series. In this game mode, 4 squads of 4 players each race each other to be the first to reach 50 kills. The center of each Squad Deathmatch map contains one Infantry Fighting Vehicle, and squad mates can spawn on the outer edges of the map or on their squad mates.

  • Conquest

    Conquest is the classic Battlefield game type where two teams battle each-other over control of outposts.

    Both teams start with a full bar of health which falls slightly each time a team member is killed. The more control points are owned by the opposing team, the more team health is lost each per death. Each map has series of these control points scattered throughout the landscape, and a team can gain control over a territory by standing near the outposts flag pole when there is no members of the opposing team in close proximity of the control point.

    It should also be noted that you can only spawn on squad mates and controlled outposts. In the event that you have no squad-mates or outposts that can be spawned on you have to wait until your team captures an outpost before you can spawn. It is possible to prematurely end the game if a team loses control of all outposts and all of their team mates are killed meaning they can no longer spawn.

  • Squad Rush

    Squad Rush is similar to rush in that it is focused on attacking and defending M-Com objectives. There are a number of differences however. Each team can only have 1 squad for a maximum of 4vs4. The levels are also smaller with no vehicles, and contain only two sections with a single M-Com objective. The matches are designed to be fast-paced and hectic providing a high level of instant intense action.