• NameRequirementPoints
    Elite Marksman Combat500 Headshots10000
    Distinguished Siderarm Combat100 Kills with Pistols5000
    Distinguished Grenade Combat100 Kills with Grenades5000
    Distinguished Melee Combat100 Kills with knife5000
    Elite Melee Combat200 Kills with Knife10000
    Distinguished Anti Vehicle Combat500 Vehicles Destroyed5000
    Long Service Assault Weapons Combat500 Kills with assault rifles5000
    Long Service Support Weapons Combat500 kills with light machine guns5000
    Anti Vehicle Combat200 Vehicle Damages5000
    Long Service Radio Warfare100 Tracer plants5000
    Distinguished Retaliation Combat5 Nemesis Pins, 5 Payback Pins5000
    Exemplary Marksman Combat100 Sniper Rifle Marksman Headshots5000
    Distinguished Remote Explosives Combat100 C4 Kills5000
    Long Service Sniping Weapons Combat500 kills with sniper rifles5000
    Long Service Tactical Weapons Combat500 Kills with Shotguns5000
    Long Service Medical Ops100 Heals5000
    Long Service Resupply Ops100 Resupplies5000
    Long Service Surveilence Ops100 Motion Mine Spot Assists
    Long Service Maintenance Ops100 Repairs5000
    Combat Veteran5000 Kills5000
    Distinguished Combat Efficiency50 Combat Efficiency Pins5000
    Distinguished Combat Excellence50 Combat Excellence Pins10000
    Long Service Light Weapons Combat500 Kills with submachine guns5000
    Distinguished Explosives Combat100 Kills using Mines5000
    Elite Mutiple Target CombatGet 50 Double Kills5000
    Distinguished Marksman Combat100 Head Shots5000
    Superior Service DutyPlayed online for 1 day5000
    Distinguished Service DutyPlayed online for 2 days5000
    Elite Service DutyPlayed online for 5 days10000
    Conquest Good Conduct100 Flag Captures5000
    Rush Good ConductDestroy 100 M-COM Stations5000
    Exemplary Weapon ServiceGet all weapon pins5000
    Exemplary Combat ServiceGet all combat pins5000
    Exemplary Vehicle ServiceGet all vehicle pins5000
    Elite ServiceGet all pins10000
    Distinguished Weapon KnowledgeGet all weapon Bronze Stars5000
    Distinguished Vehicle KnowledgeGet all vehicle Bronze Stars5000
    Distinguished Artillery Combat100 Kills using Mortar Strikes5000
    Distinguished Battlefield KnowledgeGet all bronze stars10000
    Exemplary Battlefield KnowledgeGet 10 silver stars10000
    Elite Battlefield KnowledgeGet 5 gold stars10000
    Valorous Battlefield KnowledgeGet 2 platinum stars10000
    Squad Combat Assistance100 Squad Assists5000
    Squad Resupply Ops100 Squad Resupplies5000
    Squad Repair Ops100 Squad Repairs5000
    Squad Medical Ops50 Squad Heals and 50 Squad Revives5000
    Squad Surveilence Ops50 Squad Motion Mine Spots5000
    Squad Tactical Ops200 Squad Spawns on You5000
    Squad Retaliation Ops20 Squads avenges and 50 squad kill assists5000
    Squad Teamwork Ops20 Squad defend orders and 20 squad attack orders5000