• Rank PatchRank NamePoints Required
    Private Bronze6,500
    Private Silver11,000
    Private Gold18,500
    Specialist Bronze28,000
    Specialist Silver40,000
    Specialist Gold53,000
    Corporal Bronze68,000
    Corporal Silver84,000
    Corporal Gold100,000
    Sergeant Bronze120,000
    Sergeant Silver138,000
    Sergeant Gold158,000
    Staff Sergeant Bronze179,000
    Staff Sergeant Silver200,000
    Staff Sergeant Gold224,000
    Master Sergeant Bronze247,000
    Master Sergeant Silver272,000
    Master Sergeant Gold297,000
    First Sergeant Bronze323,000
    First Sergeant Silver350,000
    First Sergeant Gold377,000
    Warrant Officer Bronze405,000
    Warrant Officer Silver437,000
    Warrant Officer Gold472,000
    Chief Warrant Officer Bronze537,000
    Chief Warrant Officer Silver620,000
    Chief Warrant Officer Gold720,000
    Second Lieutenant Bronze832,000
    Second Lieutenant Silver956,000
    Second Lieutenant Gold1,092,000
    First Lieutenant Bronze1,240,000
    First Lieutenant Silver1,400,000
    First Lieutenant Gold1,572,000
    Captain Bronze1,756,000
    Captain Silver1,952,000
    Captain Gold2,160,000
    Major Bronze2,380,000
    Major Silver2,612,000
    Major Gold2,856,000
    Lieutenant Colonel Bronze3,112,000
    Lieutenant Colonel Silver3,380,000
    Lieutenant Colonel Gold3,660,000
    Colonel Bronze3,952,000
    Colonel Silver4,256,000
    Colonel Gold4,572,000
    Brigadier General Bronze4,900,000
    Brigadier General Silver5,240,000
    Brigadier General Gold5,592,000
    General of the Army6,332,000